Why Curiosity Doesn’t Kill The Cat

I am a naturally curious person. I have always been like that but now, running our business, this curiosity of mine has helped more than we could have ever anticipated. You see as Personal Branding photographers it is our job to help entrepreneurs and business owners elevate their online presence with authentic photographs that help them to stand out. But here’s the thing; we can only truly do our clients justice if we know our clients well enough. This is where our curiosity gets better of us; and to our advantage. Sure clients have to fill a questionnaire to form the framework but then we let our questions do the rest.

The idea is to be curious enough to get all the salient information that will help build a picture of who our client is and what they stand for, in life, in business and in society in general. It also enables us to find common ground with our client, which is a great way to build rapport. Understanding what makes our client ‘tick’ can really help us to create a portfolio of images that truly bring out the best and and the most engaging qualities in our client, so they in turn can connect with their right audience. But more importantly, knowing a client well, allows us to build a positive working relationship that can resonate far beyond a sales transaction, because people do business with people they know, like and, most importantly, trust.

But here’s the thing; curiosity plays an important part in sales too. As someone who has never fully grasped the whole ‘sales culture’ thing, the more modern-day approach has evolved into a more relationship based model, something Ian and I are far more comfortable with. We ourselves do not subscribe to that old-fashioned 'sales pitch' so we would never think of selling ourselves that way.

By pure coincidence we watched a series of excellent short videos by Sales Force focused on ‘sales’; the processes, history and how the whole modern sales model is now focused on relationships rather than outcomes. It is no longer fact-based sales pitch where the sale is at the centre of the dialogue. A wise old sage gave us the best advice not so long ago, they said to us;

"Let go of the outcome. Focus on the relationship." Fantastic. We have never forgotten those words!

So, to wrap up, be curious, ask quality questions, be client focused, and think not of the outcome but of the journey and what it is you can bring to someone else’s table along the way.

So in a nutshell, let curiosity be your friend, it definitely does not kill the cat. But a lack of understanding and insight into your client almost definitely will. Do watch these videos; we found them invaluable;


The videos are free to watch but you need to complete a short form to access them.

Until next time!

Sadia Barlow Photography Personal Brand photo shoot with Anita from www.missmuffetcakeboutique.com


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