Stepping out

So how does a photographer keep herself busy during this period of lockdown? By taking photos of course! But here’s the thing, because I photograph people almost exclusively, my approach and creativity has evolved into finding those vital aspects so central to my images so I constantly scan for expression, emotion, personality etc. But, photographing people is not realistic at the moment, not least because I will hardly be around people at all for the next 3 weeks. So given this I have decided to step out of my comfort zone completely and, for the next 3 weeks I will attempt to take photos of inanimate objects, flora and foliage or whatever takes my fancy. It will be interesting because in all honesty none of the above gets my creative juices flowing but it’s not about that; it’s about developing a new perspective and challenging my own assumptions.

I have also decided to spend time focusing on my business and plan ahead, build up some content and put together some Special Offers (watch this space). As business owners ourselves, we all need to be thinking like this because when the time comes, and life starts to return to a new normal, there a huge number of business owners going all out to restart or ramp up their businesses. We must be ready and prepared and think about how we

can best serve business owners and start thinking about how to package ideas.

"Get creative; these are exceptional times, so think exceptionally".

My advice is to continue doing what you have always done, post on social media, talk to the world about your work and why you do it, showcase who you are and what drives you to do what you do and carry on building your tribe. And in addition to that, now is the perfect time to do all those (cumbersome, imo) tasks you keep putting off like filing, sorting, and organising etc.

So here is my image from Day1 of lockdown. Daffodils (and daisies) make me happy, as does this particular spot in my home. It’s where I feel relaxed and calm.

Until next time!


"In a world full of forgettable, be memorable."