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Headline Sadia Barlow Photography Raise £1K+ From ‘Doorstep Portraits’ for NHS charity


Sadia Barlow Photography raised over £1k by photographing families, couples and individuals on their doorsteps during Lockdown 2020. Participation was voluntary and the only requirement was a donation to ‘NHS Charities Together’ FaceBook funraiser page.


Sadia Barlow Photography announced today they have raised over £1,030 for NHS Charities Together by photographing households on their doorsteps, to mark this unique time. The total figure raised has yet to be determined.

Sadia Barlow Photography said: “We’ve always admired the NHS and the work they do, especially during the recent Coronavirus spread, where they are risking their lives whilst providing care for affected patients. The front-line workers and medical staff in the NHS deserve our support for the outstanding service they provide, self-sacrifice and courage.” Inspired by an American photographer taking ‘Front Porch Portraits’, they decided to organise a ‘Doorstep Portrait’ fundraiser to help contribute and make a difference.

They feel it is important for them to give something back to an organisation that has given so much and done so much good over the years during these critical times. In 2017 Sadia Barlow’s son was critically ill in hospital with an unknown illness. “The Doctors and Consultants left no stone unturned in the quest to find out what was wrong with my son. The care and attention he received was tremendous. I have felt indebted to the NHS ever since. The NHS’s response to the virus has just strengthened that feeling.”

The ‘Doorstep’ fundraiser offered local residents the chance to be photographed at the front of their house with their household, to commemorate where they were and who they lived with, during this unique time in history. All photography was done while maintaining a safe distance, and over 30 families, individuals and couples volunteered themselves for this unique chance to be photographed professionally. The last of the portraits were completed last weekend with people as far as Oxshott taking part.

Sadia Barlow commented: "We have loved working and interacting with our local community and beyond. People have donated really generously and we are so grateful for their support in our fundraising efforts. We promised to deliver beautiful portraits in return, all for a worthy cause.” Sadia went on to say: “Rather than sit around waiting for something to happen, Ian and I decided that we wanted to do something and help make a difference. We loved the idea of capturing people at this unprecedented time. These images will be very special and will be shared and talked about for years to come. It’s a moment of significant global history. We learn everyday that people are losing their lives, and many others are making a full recovery. I have always felt that the NHS deserve so much more, and to be able to do something, no matter how small, is hugely satisfying. Also, as a business owner, I will be doing more to support other business owners when we come out of lockdown.”

While Sadia and Ian do portraits, weddings and events, they specialise in working with small business owners on their online presence. Sadia added: “Having a strong online presence is powerful for business. People start getting to know you and build a relationship with you. This can have a positive impact on businesses. I had a client drive down from Leeds to do a photo shoot with me because she had built up a relationship with me and trusted me to do a good job.”

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