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Updated: Dec 6, 2019


8th December 2019

To celebrate the Launch of its new Personal Branding Photography Service, Sadia Barlow Photography, a Boutique Photography Business based in London, has decided to mark the launch by giving away a high-end personal branding photo shoot worth £650 to one lucky London based entrepreneur. The winner will be announced on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn on the 1st of January 2020

Where most entrepreneurs tend to focus their social media on their business service or product, Sadia Barlow Photography support entrepreneurs to think more about the benefits of focusing on being the face of their business and connecting with people through shared values, beliefs and ideals.  

"We believe that taking photographs is not just about the images, it’s about your emotions and your narrative. This is how you will stand out from your competitors and leave an impression in the minds of your audience and potential clients." Founder at Sadia Barlow Photography, went on to say: "We wanted to launch our new service and decided to do a ‘Giveaway’ so that we have the opportunity to ‘give back’ and hopefully provide a kick start to one lucky entrepreneur’s personal branding journey. This way we help someone else improve their online personal branding, in line with our company's mission.

It will be really worthwhile and we're looking forwards to connecting and serving the local community of aspiring and existing entrepreneurs whilst raising awareness of the impact that good personal online branding brings."

Sadia Barlow Photography has always made a point of standing out when compared to other Photography Services in the London area. This launch celebration is just one of the many ways it does so.This is a great opportunity for London based entrepreneurs to learn more about the benefits of personal branding and think about their online presence and social media in a different light, whilst supporting a Personal Branding Photography Specialist. Sadia Barlow Photography works with aspiring entrepreneurs to help build a compelling online presence with creative images that position and elevate entrepreneurs as a trusted brand.

Sadia Barlow Photography has been serving the London area since September 2017. To date they have served over 92 customers and become recognised for creating unforgettable visual images that exceed people's expectations. While they tend to work on location they do have a small studio, which can be found on Spring Grove Road near Osterley Tube Station. 

One client commented, "Sadia and Ian were excellent and really went the extra mile with our photographs! Very professional, and we were extremely pleased with the photos. Would highly recommend".

When asked about the new Personal Branding Photography service, Sadia said "We believe that photography is not just about the images, it’s about allowing your subject to connect with their audience, expressing the highest version, of themselves possible. We believe that right at the heart of Personal Branding is ‘authenticity; and we work closely with our clients to ensure we bring this to the mix. Ian added: "We know how big Personal Branding is and the positive impact it has on a business. Creating a compelling personal brand should be a key part of any business marketing campaign”. 

Further information about Sadia Barlow Photography and the new Personal Branding Photography service can be discovered at

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