Getting into the groove

Updated: Feb 1

This has got nothing to do with Madonna haha! Anyone who knows our story knows how my and Ian’s love of music (and the arts) was the catalyst that brought us together, some seven or so years ago. Now, we play music all the time; while working, while cooking, while gardening; in the car and when getting ready to go out. So it will come as no surprise that in 90% of our photo shoots we ask our clients whether they wish to plug and play their own music, which very often they do. This we do for a number of reasons;

· There’s nothing like a familiar playlist to help clients feel at ease

· It helps breaks the ice as we can then chat about musical tastes etc

· Background music often this helps clients get ‘into the groove’ (apologising now to our kids!)

· Playing music can also help to connect the client with a (happy) memory, and this can help bring emotion and spark to the photo shoot

It doesn't stop there either for when we edit our images, the routine is as follows; a cup of tea/glass of beer, our music playlist connected to a speaker, a creative mindset and we are good to go! We do this because something happens when we play music while editing; it helps us channel more creativity and reframes our editing. It brings also brings emotion to the process which is crucial for us and must not be underestimated in photography, even Personal Branding Photography, because a powerful image is one that moves people in some way. Even in business, emotion is present which is why in Personal Branding we like create images that are designed to resonate with people. It would be prudent to remember that people make decisions with their emotions, and justify them rationally.

So yes we have our go-to 'Editing Playlist' on Spotify which evolves and changes with time. Sometimes we get ‘song fatigue’ and remove it from my list and invariably another one hits the spot! Listen to our playlist by clicking on the link below, and fee free to share your playlist with us if you have one!

Sadia's Get Into The Groove

"In a world full of forgettable, be memorable."