How can

Sadia Barlow Photography

help your business?

Company head shots

We believe companies are made of individuals and that each individual brings something to the table.  We take your brief and, with careful planning and collaboration ensure that we bring both personality and character to each headshot and ensure they are unforgettable. Like your company.

Individual business profile shots

Your LinkedIn profile image must convey a multitude of positive non-verbal messages; trust, determination, likability and so much more.  We will sit and discuss with your the best way to showcase who you are so that people will queue up to do business with you!

Marketing/Branding shots

Millie asked us to do some personal portraits showcasing her hand-knitted clothing using wool from her own wool/yarn shop in Richmond.  So we combined both the business and personal aspect into the visual narrative.  In Millie's own words "Absolutely the best photo shoot I’ve had…"

Social media

The onset of social media as a powerful tool means that photography is a key component of any successful marketing plan. We love to help business and bloggers showcase their services/goods with stunning photos.  Shazia is an Instagrammer/ blogger who uses social media to document her journey through her cancer treatment, highlighting the need for early detection/treatment. Our brief was to come up with beautiful, eye-catching images to accompany her blog. 

Event photography

Who doesn't enjoy a Christmas party, or a staff bonding day or a launch party complete with celebrities in attendance! We capture the best moments and put them online in a private gallery for you and your staff/clients to download! We have special rates for companies, organisations, schools and businesses which regularly use our photography services (4 or more times per year).  Call us on 07885 489 814 for further information.