Hi. We are Sadia and Ian.

I grew up in Stockholm, London and Sweden and spent a couple of years in Karachi, Pakistan, while Ian spent his childhood years in Barnsley, Yorkshire.  Our paths crossed twice, and the second time we were both separated and our shared love of photography, music and the arts meant that we had more in common than we had initially realised.  Ian and I have been married since 2015 and have 5 children between us. 

As photographers we have always been inspired by people and story-telling and delivering high quality, beautiful imagery has always been our priority.  In hindsight it is clear that right from the start we have been intuitive, natural, Personal Brand photographers without even realising it. Our style has always been to get our clients to dig deep and really give us something beyond a smiling face.  We do this by providing a relaxed, music filled environment and by establishing a rapport from the onset.  However for a number of years we have provided a range of services from head shots to weddings and everything in between.  


When in 2018 my sister was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of cancer,  she decided she was going to document her journey through treatment and beyond.  It was at this point my sister approached us and asked us to help her with the imagery for her blog. This was our first experience of personal branding. 


 Our combined talents; for Ian, his focus is on form, shape pattern and leading lines, while mine is on finding the emotion, this means that we are able to bring a unique blend to our work and this has really helped to set us apart from our competitors.  What also appears to set us apart is that our work is client-centred which means we don't impose our 'style' but work with the client to find theirs.  This makes each photos shoot different from the last.  You will see from our gallery that our images are a true reflection of all the different people we have worked with.    


We work in and around London. but in the main our clients are local, i.e. from Richmond, Twickenham, Osterley, Hampton and the surrounding areas.

"In a world full of forgettable, be memorable."